References - therapies

Kuba gave me a new life. His system of values, honesty, purity and reliance on truth caused that after the first sessions of acupuncture and biotherapy I fully trusted Him and felt that he would change my life. Before I started therapy, I was on the verge of emotional and mental brake down caused by constant stress, insomnia, problems with concentration. I remember sleepless nights, constant anxiety and lack of positive outlook, joy and meaning in life. Already after the first acupuncture I felt peace and with each subsequent session more harmony came to my life. Kuba gave me tips on how to get back the balance and joy in life. During the session I felt His good energy and inflow of internal strength. Thanks to him I am more aware of myself and I know where to look for joy and fulfillment. Thanks to his holistic approach Kuba heals both body and soul.
Kuba - thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Aleksandra, 37 years old, lawyer, Radom.

I came to Kuba to improve my health mainly in the physical sphere. Together, we planned four visits combining Chinese Medicine and the Domancic method to improve the energy flow. Of course, I believe in it, so it was simple and understandable for me. Unfortunately, between the meetings I slightly scratched my finger under my fingernail, which turned into a very painful and nasty inflammation. The index finger was double in size around the nail with pus and a very big pain. I tried various treatments without results. During this disease I had another visit to Kuba. When he greeted me, he asked what had happened to the finger, so I told the story and he said he would take care of it. I was curious what would happen. Kuba put his hand a few centimeters from my finger and says, "oh I feel it coming out or it will be absorb" then we did the classic treatments during the visit and at the end I felt the pain decrease and so it was for the next hours. After 24 hours, the pain disappeared and the healing process started quickly. I don't know if it's a miracle or not, but the feeling was wonderful and the disappearing pain was something that can't be described. After 2 days I came to our last meeting and  Kuba was happy that the wound was quickly healed as if it was obvious for him. He did nothing with my finger anymore. This short story once again confirmed to me how beautiful are the forces of nature and properly directed energy by the right person.
Robert, 53 years old, businessman, Cracow.

The acupuncture treatment used together with the proposed and applied diet helped me in a wonderfully quick way to deal with intrusive and long-term migraine headaches. During the acupuncture treatment my body became relaxed, calmed down and more open to all other treatments. I heartily recommend :)
Leszek, 51, IT specialist, Krakow

A few therapies with Kuba was enough to make my daughter feel better. We used his help when my daughter had a severe stomach pain for several days, she vomited and she could hardly take fluids. The doctor had already given a referral to the hospital, he was helpless. At the first meeting with Kuba she was very weak, she had a headache, stomach ache and stuffy nose. During the biotherapy session she felt better, she strongly felt Kuba's actions, his calmness and stimuli coming from his hands. When the pain subsided a bit, she fell asleep and was as calm as possible - relaxed. Moxa in glasses worked on a stuffy nose. The next day we came to the next biotherapy session and it was much better. Abdominal pain was less, warming up with moxa and Kuba massages helped a lot. During the third session there was a huge improvement in her health, after Kuba's massages her face colours returned, she was smiling, she asked Kuba if she could also have cupping therapy :) Her wish was fulfilled.
Thank you Kuba for your help, my daughter would have to be in the hospital without your intervention.
Konstancja, 8 years old, Wieliczka

A man is worth as much as he can do good to others.
Kuba, thank you for your help, tips and showing me the way to find myself.
"You have to love every day of life as a treasure and beauty that will never come back" C.K. Norwid
Violetta, 59 years old, Tarnów.

I started  feeling my prostate gland discomfort a month ago. I was hesitating whether to go to normal doctor or alternative medicine . After much thought, I decided to take Kubio four days therapy because I wanted to know more about root causes. At first session, Kuba was listening to my problem and started explaining different aspects related to my prostate problem from perspective of Chinese Medicine. Then, he was giving me the treatment with acupressure and bioenergy therapy. Especially his acupressure on my leg meridians made flowing the energy through my prostate to related organs. After first session, my sleep was getting deeper. Amazingly, I did not feel any discomfort  for my prostate area through the night. At second and third session, Kuba additionally taught me how to breathe and  how to use your mind to feel your body energy flow. This helped me a lot in easing my stress, therefore relieving my prostate tension as well. After the end of four session, I become more relaxed and feel my prostate is getting better.
Kuba, Thanks for your treatment  and improving my mind and body .
Toshi, 53, businessman, Kraków

I came to Kuba’s sessions by pure accident. One of my close relatives, who enrolled for the session asked me to join and see how it is. I had at that time big headaches and dizziness so I thought “Why not?”. And it happened. Just after first session I felt great relief. My body became somehow lighter, but I did not expect what a happiness will come after consecutive meetings. After each session the pain disappeared, sleep was deeper and calmer and my body was coming back to balance. I felt relaxed, blissful and still. Kuba is a great and warm person. He helped me to get rid of pain but also to sort out problems. Thanks to therapy I improved my relations with close ones, which is fantastic. I recommend Kuba’s sessions to everyone, who gets lost, has low self- esteem or feel sick.
Kuba thank you very much for better today and tomorrow.
Aneta, 41, Kraków.

I came to Kuba’s biotherapy sessions out of curiosity. When Kuba asked me about disorders, which I want to work with I thought of feeling continuously tired, insomnia or headaches. From session to session, which were held in atmosphere of full relaxation, I started to find balance and harmony. I felt energy and power, which caused that disorders disappeared and I feel great so far ;) Moreover, discussions with Kuba held during the sessions about Chinese Medicine, “hygienic” life style and awareness completed me and inspired to changes.  
Kuba, thank you very much! I recommend session to All of You, who are reading it!
Ela, 41, manager, Kraków.

An amazing coincidence “allowed me” to join Kuba’s therapy in February 2017. Although the reason was serious sickness, it was one of the best experiences in my life. I participated in two 4-day sessions, which made a breakthrough in my life. After staying in hospital my body started to regenerate very quickly, I became more energized and took up sports relatively shortly after that. But the change in my emotional space exceeded my expectations. I am also happy that I managed to refresh relations with Kuba, who was always an inspiring friend.
I recommend with all my heart.
Rafał, 42, Kraków.

Sessions with Kuba helped me to get rid of tension in my body, calm myself internally, so I can state that they affected my health positively. I was curious about the first session and approached it cynically, but after a while I felt the flow of energy. It works! Kuba is an extremely open, wise, and warm person, whose positive energy is infectious and whose spirituality evokes respect. He helped me a lot during hard times. I cannot recommend him more!
Monika, 35, academic, Kraków.

During sessions with Kuba I felt a strong wave of spontaneous emotions, which gave me strength, peace, and a fresh outlook on various matters. Due to the fact that I have my feet firmly fixed on the ground I was completely surprised with such a strong positive result. My best recommendation! 
Marcin, 42, Warsaw.

At the beginning of the session, when I closed my eyes, all my fears concerning whether I was able to conceive crossed my mind. Then I felt pace and bliss. I couldn’t say anything more – I felt whole and trustful about whatever was to happen to me. Kuba felt strong sensations located in the area of my ovaries. I hadn’t told him that I was diagnosed with lack of ovulation and inactive ovaries. A month after our meeting I conceived and my longed-for son is two months old today :) Did my body heal itself? I experienced labour as a euphoric state with no complaint in the slightest. Such miracles happen daily in my life nowadays and I know that meeting Kuba was one of them.
Ola, 33, psychologist & manager, Kraków.

I took four day distant healing session with Kuba and it was unique, amazing and revealing experience. First time in my life I worked in such a way, with such an approach and methods. I realize that we went beyond Domancic procedures and am very grateful for that. Kuba manifests true positivity and peace, which is embracing the others. Thank you Kuba with all my heart.
Basia, 40, tax advisor, Poznań.

For me, meetings with Kuba are a continuous process of discovering myself and the world. The same happened in case of our work with energy – I was inspired by the idea, I tried and I didn’t have to wait for results long: my vital energy was reinforced during that tough period and my health issues, which I didn’t believe could be resolved, were soothed :) It all happened in an atmosphere of openness, warmth, and understanding.
Kasia, 43, manager, Kraków

I took several sessions with Kuba and they had a strong relaxing effect on me. I felt a flow of energy accompanied by warmth, sweating, or local coolness, It was an interesting experience which had a positive effect on my state. It’s worth trying!
Piotr, 45, salesman, Kraków 


References - business.

In a professional manner and in a positive atmosphere, Kuba held moderation for Akamai’s management within the field of strategy development, determining the scopes of responsibility, and developing corporate culture. It was an interesting fusion process of business expertise and coaching which resulted in obtaining the assumed outcome. I highly value cooperation with Kuba and I will surely continue it in the future.
Filip Walkowicz
Director of Akamai Kraków

My coaching sessions with Kuba allowed me to think through many things from a fresh perspective. Some concepts he presented, about emotions and interpersonal relations, really convinced me, and I am trying to put them into practice. Kuba displays a deep knowledge, and is very engaged in what he does. He knows what coaching tools to use -whether it's relaxation techniques, or analysis and planning. Kuba is also very intuitive - he knew when to go deeper into a subject, and when to allow me to follow through. I fully recommend him! 
Adam, CFO

Kuba rendered consulting services for Staples within the scope of finding a location and developing a business model for a global Shared Services Centre in Central and Eastern Europe. He is a "multidimensional", energetic, and committed person with business knowledge and sensitivity to human issues. As a result of our cooperation, we successfully opened our Shared Services Centre in Gdańsk.
Greg Lipper
VP, Global Business Services Staples

Kuba ran motivational training for management in the Finances department at Amway in Krakow. The workshop was devoted to the business role, communication, and self-management in change. Kuba presented the topic in a very convincing way, alternating short lectures with practical exercises sharing his rich managerial experience with us. It was a very valuable experience because it enabled us to see ourselves and the work we were doing in a situation of change from a different, fresh perspective. It also helped us to see the challenges in a positive light which improved Energy levels and commitment. Kuba can create a free and inspiring training atmosphere while addressing all important issues of development. I shall add that the workshop was preceded by a thorough analysis of the existing challenges and our needs. I recommend cooperation with Kuba. 
Renata Górska-Michalska
HR Manager Amway

Mr Kuba Więcaszek ran a five-month long reorganization project for the accounting department of Centrum Holding 1, which included designing a target process structure and implementing it. Within a dynamic and demanding business environment, Mr Kuba Więcaszek showed efficiency not only within the expert field, but also within the human aspect. His skills include effective communication, motivation, and coaching, which helped to prepare change and create a positive atmosphere for its further execution. Mr Kuba Więcaszek is an open, committed, target-oriented person, therefore I heartily recommend cooperation with him. 
Ewa Nowicka-Stolarska
Managing Director of Centrum Holding 1

I had a chance to work with Kuba over the period of 3 years in the position of Business Development Manager. Kuba is totally oriented on the development of employees and emphasises the quality of relations. Whenever I needed sensible and honest advice on business or private matters, he was eager and ready to listen to me and help me. Thanks to long conversations with Kuba I significantly improved my sense of responsibility for all the aspects of my life, business awareness, and communicative skills.
Sebastian Krasoń
Senior Manager PwC

I cooperated with Kuba when he was the Head of Distribution Centre and Manager of Distribution Network for Ahold CEE. He is a committed, bright professional with an amazing instinct for change and transformation with the ability to simultaneously ensure a fluid continuation of business. His involvement, communicative skills, and expert knowledge lead to significant improvement in efficiency within the field of distribution networks. Kuba is one of the best experts I have ever worked with so I can surely recommend him.
Maarten Goris
International Expert Management and Logistics

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