Peace, flow, balance.                             


"He who conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is mighty."     
Lao Tzu, 600 B.C.E.

My practical experience shows that taking responsibility for oneself, expanding your self-awareness, and a deep relaxation of the body to the level of organs is key to health and fulfilment. The more we let go and stop thinking, the more freely energy flows through tissues restoring the state of vital balance of the body, the “side effect” of which is clarity of mind and a healthy body. Using acupuncture, moxa, herbs or bioenergy therapist helps you to achieve that by provoking, regulating, and stabilizing the flow of vital energy in areas where there is deficiency or excess of energy potential.

Biotherapy as a body work method.

The therapies I offer are as follows:

- healing biotherapy combining Domancic method and Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, moxa, electroacupuncture and massaging specific meridian points on body)

- specialised therapies of acupuncture, electroacupuncture, skull acupuncture and moxa

The wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back to year 2 000 B.C. and bioenergy therapy by the Domancic method has been successfully applied in Europe from the 1980s. The healing effects of this method have been confirmed by over a million patients, who were treated by Domancic and his students, which has been documented by scientific and medical research.

My method consists in balancing the patient’s body by applying healing energy characterised by natural intelligence that moves the blood and cures the condition. To do this, a therapist puts himself in a calm state of consciousness and uses specific hand gestures and acupressure points on meridians to provoke flow through individual organs. Balancing an energetic body leads to healing on the level of a physical body. A bioenergy therapist is no miracle-worker, but he is a transmitter of bioenergy taken from the outside which flows due to a difference in potential between the healer and the client strengthening the immune system.

Spectacular effects are achieved when the method is applied in:

- elimination of pain and anxiety
- improvement of circulation, strengthening the immune system
- elimination of professional burnout symptoms
- balancing all organs of the body
- healing the physical body in the case of various chronic illnesses

Skull acupuncture according to Dr. Jiao Shun Fa is widely used in China for neurological diseases and disorders. It is performed on 14 skull lines, with which various neurological and internal disorders of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and gynecological systems are treated. Skull acupuncture activates the cranial sutures and areas around them, which stimulates the nerve endings below. When inserting the needle, you may feel a slight pinching, and then the needle is inserted between the space between the skin and the skull bone. Contraindications apply only to infants, pregnant women and people with open brain injuries not having parts of the cranial bones. I use it for a wide spectrum of diseases, for example: lack of movement or mobility, lack of sensation, abnormal sensation (numbness, cramps ...), chorea, convulsions, Parkinson's disease, dizziness, ringing in the ears, deafness, Menier's disease, multiple sclerosis , sensory aphasia, nominal aphasia, speech loss, optical nerve discomfort, Bell's paralysis, balance disorder, paralysis, depression, gastric ulcer, mucositis, bronchial asthma, reproductive system discomfort, insomnia, ADHD, Alzheimer's disease, mental illness, phobias, anxiety.


Moxa (thermo-puncture) has been widely used in China for thousands of years as a folk remedy for the treatment of chronic diseases as well as prevention. It owes its name to the Artemisia moxa plant, from which powdered leaves are made into cigars and moxa wool. It works through local heating of specific areas of the body and meridian points, and using special techniques to introduce heat deep into the body. The healing effect is obtained due to the high temperature, which dilates the blood vessels, causing faster blood circulation, as well as during the treatment of burning herbs release various chemical compounds with medicinal properties, also the aroma has a therapeutic effect. It is commonly used to remove pathogens such as moisture, cold, wind from the body, to treat digestive, muscular and joint disorders, organ decline or reproductive system disorders. For heating, I use different techniques depending on the needs, e.g. mox cigars, mox boxes, moxa on salt, ginger or mox glasses. Currently, many studies on moxa in the world have been conducted, especially in Japan and China, which have proven that moxa treatment is effective in:

- strengthening the immune system, increasing the production of blood and body fluids
- regulation of endocrine and nervous systems
- regulating blood pressure and strengthening the circulatory system
- stable increase in the functionality of the respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems
- pain relief and inhibition of inflammatory diseases

Join in cooperation.

Holistic therapy combined with acupuncture starts from diagnosis (Bian Zheng) and frequency of sessions is decided based on health condition of the client ranging from daily to once a month meetings.

Regarding Domancic sessions a complete cycle includes four consecutive days lasting from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the condition. Such a manner of action is confirmed by practice and gives optimal effects which keep working in the client’s body for several weeks.

Apart from individual sessions, I also run group four-day healing therapy which have an additional advantage of accumulated group energy which reinforces the positive healing effects. Size of the group is max 3 persons so such a session takes up to 3 hours. It is good option for families and groups of friends.

For stressed and exhausted clients I offer relaxing biotherapy with Chinese cupping massage which takes 1,5 hour. The aim is deep relaxation and revitalisation of the body. This is a great way to strengthen the immune system to prevent potential diseases which is main objective of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  


In case of diagnosis and guidelines regarding diet and life style the fee is 180 zł for 60 min.

In case of holistic therapy combined with acupuncture, moxa and massage the fee is 260 zł for 90 min.

In the case of indiviual healing Domancic biotherapy, the fee is charged at the client’s discretion and according to his means, which is in compliance with Domancic’s ethical code so that the services may be accessible and the therapist may be rewarded for results achieved.

In case of specialised acupuncture session with moxa the fee is 180 zł for 60 min.



Private practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Kraków offers: acupuncture, diagnosis, dietary advice, skull acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage, moxibustion and biotherapy according Domancic method. Branches in Radom and Zakopane/Bachledówka.

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